Fairily Fiber Fun is dedicated to supporting our local shepherds

As a small, family run business, We value the small businesses and hobby farms in our area. Many of our fleeces are raised from sheep in Stephens and Madison County GA and we are always looking for more farms to support. We are Shave 'em to Save 'em providers with Tunis and Jacob breeds currently available.

We now offer Brother Drum carders, blending boards, accessories, and parts!

Unicorn Power Scour and Brother Drum Carder Dealer

SE2SE provider


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  • About Kim

    I'm Kim, the name and face behind Fairily Fiber Fun. I love to visit and work on small farms, love on animals, play with wool, and tease my friends.

  • My greatest passion is to help others achieve their dreams through encouragement, hands-on teaching, support, and more.


    My YouTube channel is dedicated to assisting you on your fiber arts journey from learning to manage small space crafting to videos teaching how to spin, knit, weave, card, and felt. As my channel grows, we will soon be adding monthly live videos where you can recieve live in the moment responses to all your questions.


    There are loads of small hobby farms raising amazing sheep in the Northeast Georgia region...

  • ... many of these farms don't know what to do with their wool. As a handspinner myself, I seek to bring these lovely and often pristine fleeces to you as raw fleeces, ready to spin batts, or even handspun yarn. I believe in supporting our local small farms and building community.


    Thank you for joining me on this adventure and helping to support our local small farms.