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Fairily Fiber Fun

Beginner Sheep Felting Kit -- Rainbow

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If you want to try needle felting but don't know where to start, these adorable kits are just the ticket! Your finished sheep will be the most adorable sheep on the planet which only requires a bit of shelf space and the occasional pat to be happy.

These kits are beginner friendly and include sheep base, wool locks, felting needle, and a bit of yarn for face details and bow. Yarn color varies kit to kit, feel free to use your own yarn if you prefer.

Sheep are felted from all natural wool from local Georgia farms. I use professional acid dyes and do my best to ensure colorfastness but I do NOT guarantee your dyed items will not bleed.

If you need to wash your sheep, please follow these care instructions to ensure a long and full life for your floof...  Please do not scrub, agitate, or tumble dry. Wash by soaking in cold water with a small amount of soap for 30 minutes. Rinse in a fresh water soak for an additional 20 minutes then press in a towel to remove excess moisture and place in a warm, ventilated area to dry. Spot clean very gently with toothbrush... soap, drastic temperature change, and agitation will cause felting.

 My home and work studio are a pet and smoke free environment. I do my best to capture accurate colors but every monitor shows color differently