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Fairily Fiber Fun

Drowned Spirit Tunis batt (SE2SE) 2.2 oz

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100% Georgia Tunis wool, hand processed into a  bouncy, squishy, amazing batt in blue with pops of murky color... Don't try to swim in this body of water! Spirits of the drowned may try to pull you under!

My home is a pet and smoke free environment. I do my best to capture true colors, but every monitor shows color differently. Also, I do not guarantee color fastness in the wash.

Tunis wool may felt. To wash: soak item in cool water with a tiny bit of neutral hp detergent for 20 minutes. Squeeze out water, rinse by soaking in clear cool water for 15 minutes. Roll in a towel and stomp aggressively to remove excess water. Lay flat to dry