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Fairily Fiber Fun

Dryer Balls: Set of 3

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3 wool dryer balls made from wool grown in the NorthEast Georgia region. I personally went to local hobby farms and collected wool which I then sent to a small mill in Cleveland, GA to be turned into roving. The roving was then wound into dryer balls and felted in the washer. Good for 300 uses.

Add a drop or two of essential oil before placing in dryer to make laundry smell fresh and lovely. Dryer balls are a wonderful replacement for dryer sheets as they are chemical and plastics free, cut down on static,  and they shorten dryer time saving energy. Use all 3 dryer balls for a normal household size load. For larger loads, it is recommended to use at least 5 dryer balls per dryer. I do my laundry in a public laundromat and I use 5-7 dryer balls per dryer depending on how large the load and if I'm drying blankets or regular clothing.

When the dryer balls no longer shorten drying time, compost in the garden or throw for your dog as many times as doggo requests or until the ball falls apart from rough play and kanine enjoyment.