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Fairily Fiber Fun

Felted Pelt (vegan pelt)

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Animal cruelty free felted pelts the perfect size for a cat or small dog to curl up on. Wool is known to regulate body temperature as well as being fire and water resistant. I use mine as backdrops for photos, table runners, placemats, and seat cushions. There is a plethora of ways you can use these small rugs. No sheep is harmed in the making of this product... sheep must be shorn to maintain health of the animal and the wool is then felted to mimic a pelt.

Made with 100% Georgia grown Gulf Coast Native wool, an endangered breed.

I do my best to capture true colors but every monitor shows color differently 

Care: soak in tepid or warm water with mild detergent, soak again in fresh water to rinse. Press in towel or spin out in washer (spin cycle only) lay flat to dry. For spot treating, use a soft cloth and mild detergent water to gently soak, pat, and ever so softly rub the spot. Once dry, brush with a soft bristle brush to fluff.