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Fairily Fiber Fun

Unicorn Power Scour -- 16 ounces

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The only scouring agent I'll use on my wool; this stuff is amazing and cleans fast with less soap and at lower temps than any other scouring agent I've tried and I've tried a lot of them! The Unicorn website states the following:

Our deepest and most powerful detergent comes in a fresh lavender scent. It is tough on your most heavily soiled laundry, but gentle enough to protect delicate fabrics. Power Scour is great for:

  • Scouring raw wool & mohair

  • Washing cloth diapers

  • Treating tough stains (even red wine stains!)

  • Treating odors in fabrics like smelly pet beds or sweaty gym clothes

  • Deep cleaning grease, grime, and grunge better than our competitors

  • Removing lanolin from woolies in order to re-lanolize

  • Washing heavily soiled laundry

  • Cleaning carpets

Power Scour works well in all water temperatures, but for oily, greasy, and other very heavily soiled washing, warm to hot water is more effective.

**text taken directly from Unicorn**